Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy

Head of Department :
Dr. T. Poovishnu Devi
Head of the Department

About Department Of Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy

Cardio Pulmonary physiotherapy Department has a role in preventing and

managing cardiac and pulmonary disease as well as treating the individuals

who live with it. The department of Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy is

furnished with modern exercise testing equipment and provides rehabilitation

for patients with various cardiopulmonary dysfunctions.


To prepare globally competent highly skilled Physiotherapists.

To provide effective Physiotherapy care for all physical health problems.


To adapt modern method of teaching and implementing Physiotherapy skills.

To provide suitable atmosphere for the students and staffs to update their knowledge.

To provide technologically challenged Physiotherapy care for the patients.

To demonstrate skills in teaching, management, research guidance and counseling.

To practice moral, ethical values and uphold the dignity of Physiotherapy profession by

participating in various Professional activities.


To provide comprehensive clinical and research experience in Physiotherapy.

To provide holistic health care services to all and to produce Competent, skilled and

dedicated Physiotherapists.

To ensure skill development and analytical approach for treating patients with various


Important Infrastructure

Inpatient services : The Cardio Pulmonary department Provides Inpatient services in

CVTS, Cath lab, emergency, various ICU s (Medical, Surgical and Nephrology), Pre

and Post-Operative rehabilitation for Preventing and managing pulmonary

complications of ventilated and other critically ill in preventing cardiac , pulmonary

and neuromuscular complications.

Outpatient services: Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation is given for pulmonary

and cardiac patients with proper exercise testing. Tailor made exercise protocols is

used based on the individual needs. Burns rehabilitation services is also provided.

Advanced equipments: Treadmill , cycle ergometer.

Teaching Learning Method

Project based learning


Seminars and Tutorials

Problem-based/ enquiry –based learning Project

Clinical and preclinical learning

Research Methodology


Inter-disciplinary seminars



Dr. T. Poovishnu Devi

Head of the Department

Tel (Office) – 02164-241555/6/7

Dr. T. Poovishnu Devi graduated from Sri Ramakrishna college of Physiotherapy from The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu, certified in Bioethics from University of HAIFA and at present perusing PhD from University of Porto in Portugal. She is Dean (Academics) with 14.1 years of Professional experience, Academic coordinator for MPT - Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy, Chair – UNESCO Bioethics in Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth, National Head - UNESCO Bioethics in Physiotherapy, 35 awards including the most prestigious Mary Mac Millan award, 5 copyrights, one Patent and contributed a chapter in text book of Bioethics. Medical ethics and Health law.



Dr. Poonam Patil


Associate Professor


Dr. Chandrakant Patil


Associate Professor


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