Head of Department :
Dr. Suraj B. Kanase
Professor & Head.

About Department Of Neurosciences

The Neuro-department maintains exemplary record of panoramic patient care,

analytical teaching and training of students with significant commitment towards

research. The department is dedicated to improve functions of patients who have

suffered impairments caused by neurological conditions.

Department of Neurophysiotherapy is actively involved in clinical care using conventional

and neurophysiological approaches for betterment of patients. Advanced skills like Bobath therapy, Brunnstrom approach, Rood’s approach, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) approach, Motor relearning program (MRP), Constrained Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), virtual reality are regularly practiced. Conventional skills like passive movements, Functional reeducation exercises, MAT exercises, Balance training, Frenkle’s exercises, Gait training, Massage therapy, mobility training, strength training are practiced daily.


To prepare globally competent highly skilled Physiotherapists.

To provide effective Physiotherapy care for all physical health problems.


To adapt modern method of teaching and implementing Physiotherapy skills.

To provide suitable atmosphere for the students and staffs to update their knowledge.

To provide technologically challenged Physiotherapy care for the patients.

To demonstrate skills in teaching, management, research guidance and counseling.

To practice moral, ethical values and uphold the dignity of Physiotherapy profession by

participating in various Professional activities.


To provide comprehensive clinical and research experience in Physiotherapy.

To provide holistic health care services to all and to produce Competent, skilled and

dedicated Physiotherapists.

To ensure skill development and analytical approach for treating patients with various


Important Infrastructure

The Neurodepartment is well equipped with the present day modalities such as

electromyography (EMG), Gait lab, biofeedback, electrical stimulators for diagnosis

of various neurological disorders. For treatment, multiple gym exerciser, recumbent

bicycles, electrical treadmill suspension therapy, parallel bar with mirror, wobble

boards, shoulder wheel, super rider, hand training unit, swiss ball, bed cycle, balance

board, hot moist packs, electrical stimulators, peg boards, quadriceps table, rowing

machine, walkers, dumbbells are used.

Teaching Learning Method

Integrated Teaching


Project based learning


Practical learning

Problem-based/ enquiry –based learning Project

Clinical and preclinical learning


Peer Teaching

Small group teaching



Dr. Suraj B. Kanase

Professor & Head.

Tel (Office) – 02164-241555/6/7

Dr Suraj B. Kanase having 12.9 years of professional experience graduated from Maharashtra University of health sciences, Nashik and post-graduation from Krishna institute of medical sciences deemed to be university, Karad. Presently he is Executive committee member of Maharashtra State Indian association of Physiotherapists. He has 79 research publications in indexed journals, 4 copyrights in his credit. So far, he has guided more than 40 undergraduates and 10 post graduate students. He is awarded supremacy by Asian journal of cardiology, biotechnology international, research in surgery in infectious diseases and hematology. He has undergone course training on Multiple sclerosis from Menzies institute of medical research, by university of Tasmania. He has authored a book on “Task Related Training for Hemiplegic Gait in Stroke Survivors” (ISBN-10 3659818224).



Dr. Pragati Patil


Assistant Professor


Dr. Mayuri Shah


Assistant Professor


Dr. Ankita Jadhav


Assistant Professor


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