Paediatric Neurosciences

Head of Department :
Dr. Mandar Malawade
Head of the Department

About Department Of Paediatric Neurosciences

Pediatric Physiotherapy department is well known for Rehabilitation of children with special needs through traditional and advanced techniques as well as skilful teaching and training for students with significant commitment towards research. The department is dedicated to improve ability of children with various sensorimotor and cognitive difficulties and train them to lead the life with or without minimal external support

Department of Pediatric Physiotherapy is involved in clinical care using conventional and therapeutic approaches for betterment of patients. Advanced skills such as Neuro developmental Technique (NDT), Sensory Integration (SI), Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT), Constrained Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), Brain Gym and Play Therapy are practiced daily.


To prepare globally competent highly skilled Physiotherapists.

To provide effective Physiotherapy care for all physical health problems.


To adapt modern method of teaching and implementing Physiotherapy skills.

To provide suitable atmosphere for the students and staffs to update their knowledge.

To provide technologically challenged Physiotherapy care for the patients.

To demonstrate skills in teaching, management, research guidance and counseling.

To practice moral, ethical values and uphold the dignity of Physiotherapy profession by

participating in various Professional activities.


To provide comprehensive clinical and research experience in Physiotherapy.

To provide holistic health care services to all and to produce Competent, skilled and

dedicated Physiotherapists.

To ensure skill development and analytical approach for treating patients with various


Important Infrastructure

The Pediatric Physiotherapy department is well equipped with the present day

modalities such as Gait lab, Biofeedback, TIMPS, BOT2, TEACH, SSP for diagnosis of various neurological disorders in children. For treatment multiple gym exerciser, bicycles, Pediatric electrical treadmill, parallel bar with mirror, Swiss- ball, balance board and various play therapy tools are available.

Teaching Learning Method

Problem Based Learning

Group discussions

Flipped classroom

Integrated Teaching


Project based learning



Practical learning

Enquiry –based learning Project

Clinical and preclinical learning

Research Methodology

Peer Teaching

Small group teaching


Open book tests

Project based learning



Dr. Mandar Malawade

Head of the Department

Tel (Office) – 02164-241555/6/7

Did Masters in Pediatrics Physiotherapy, Certification did in NDT, SI, Play Therapy. Interested in therapeutic approaches for Pediatric population. Also interested in psychological aspects of children with special needs.



Dr. Namrata Kadam


Associate Professor


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